If you already have a membership, click here:


These guidlines are to assist you in setting up your membership and the items to be delivered to you each month.

Once you've arrived at the 'CCFD Members Club' page, please pick any item you like then select rank and size from the dropdown menu, and click 'Add'. For example:

picking product size from dropdown

After choosing two items, you should see somthing like this:

check out page

Note: The prices may or may not be zeroed out at this time. Don't worry if they're not because they will be at the final check out.

Just hit 'Proceed to checkout', like this:

your cart page

Click 'Check out' and you will see:

checkout page

There may be a $10 shipping charge added on but no worries. Just scroll down and click 'Continue to shipping'. Then click on 'Local delivery':


You should have somthing like this:


You'll need to enter a phone number to proceed so we can contact you if somethings amiss. After that enter you card info, hit 'Complete order' and you are done! 

You will recieve the two choosen items delivered on the first or third Fridays of each month unless you change them through your customer portal here:

Manage subscription button

Which will take you here:

 customer portal

On this page you can make changes to your upcomming deliveries by swaping items, changing variants (size, rank), changing delivery address or adding additional notes.

The CCFD Members Club only allows two subscription items per membership at one time. If a member attemps to add subscritions for addtional products through the customer portal, they will be charged full price.

Please choose two items by the fifth day after subscribing to ensure the fastest delivery.

Members receive 5% off any other items in store.
Members will get access to exclusive members-only items and discounts.
Plan automatically renews, billed on the day you sign up.
$35.00 per month.
If you sign up on:
  • 1st to 15th:
    • Items are delivered on the first Friday of the month.
  • 16th to 31st:
    • Items will be delivered on the third Friday of the following month.